February 24, 2022, day of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Two weeks later, the DAKH DAUGHTERS and Vlad TROITSKYI, director of the Dakh Theatre, decide to go to France, where some friends can welcome them with their children and their mothers. Fathers and distant relation stay in Ukraine.

UKRAINE FIRE takes up the codes dear to the DAKH DAUGHERS, songs made of poetic texts, also folkloric, accompanied by video projections sometimes phantasmagorical or very realistic, a detonating live orchestration, an assembly which always sounds like a home-made cocktail which one throws at the wall of resignation.

The show is an act of resistance, a great musical poem that bears witness to the invasion, the crime and the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Russian army and its leaders.

On vocals, cello, accordion, guitar, double bass or percussion, the group allows itself everything: homage to Slavic harmonic lines, theatrical rock compositions, minimalist or explosive. UKRAINE FIRE is a concert of women with powerful, human, sensitive voices to give to see, to come to heal, why not to think, the world of today.



Dakh Daughters : Nina GARENETSKA, Nataliya HALANEVYCH, Ruslana KHAZIPOVA, Solomiia MELNYK, Anna NIKITINANataliia ZOZUL with Tetyana TROISTKA’s participation, actress.
Direction: Vlad TROITSKYI
Light creation and mapping video : Mariia VOLKOVA
Photos©Joseph BANDERET

Automn tour :
Sound : Simon AUFFRET, Maksym TARAN
Ligthing desk : Astkhik HRYORYAN
Video desk : Mariia YAKOVENKO

Production: Dakh Theatre
Booking: DdD – www.dddames.eu
Collaboration: Blue Line

The DAKH DAUGHTERS thank for the support to their country at war and recommend two organizations:
In France: https://amc.ukr.fr/ France-Ukraine medical and charitable aid, created in 2014.
In Ukraine: https://heylink.me/cf_ukranian_military_volunteer/ Support for the Ukrainian armed forces and help for victims. Humanitarian aid, medical supplies to frontline paramedics, hospitals and people in need.