The new Franco-Australian project combining circus and dance ! 

The Casus Circus meets the Cie DK59 (contemporary dance company) to create a delicate acrobatic show.

Based on the theme of the march, the show for four acrobats and three dancers will lead the audience to discover the different means of travel common to each being. With the underlying idea of the evolution of Man, Si’i will embark us in a strong and sensitive play where each performer will reveal his emotional dimension.

Through this piece, we want to work on the notion of the evolution of Man with the idea that everything is connected. To find the connections, the links between Man and Nature. Seek the energy that comes from the earth and goes to heaven and vice versa. Identify the life that is making its way to survive and live fully. Reconnect to reality and therefore to nature, to our roots.

What unites Casus Circus and DK59 is their ability to be generous: they like to offer their visual art to spectators in all simplicity. The strength of their previous shows is to show the creativity of their respective arts by masking, through interpretation, the difficulty of the performance while it is still present.

Show in creation then on tour during the 2020-21 season.

Credits :

Choreography and direction : Gilles VERIÈPE et Natano FA’ANANA
Set design : Gilles VERIÈPE et Lachlan MCAULAY
Circus : Ensemble Casus Circus
Creative Assistant : Valérie MASSET
Acrobats : Jesse SCOTT, Lachlan MCAULAY, distribution en cours.
Dancers : Distribution en cours
Musical creation : Vlad RODA GIL
General manager and lighting designer : Nicolas PRIOUZEAU
Costumes : Arielle CHAMBON