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The french dancer and choreographer Gilles VERIEPE founded his company CIE DK59 in 2000, in Dunkerque (north of France) and then moved to Paris in 2016.

Thanks to numerous collaborations, the company’s repertoire, rich in some twenty creations, is characterized by a wide variety of formats, a solid aesthetic and is acknowledged in the contemporary dance landscape for its accessibility.

Since January 2019, Gilles is a collaborative artist with the Théâtre des Bergeries in Noisy le Sec (93). He has been previously associated to the Théâtre de Rungis (2015-2019), and to La Briqueterie CDC du Val de Marne (2012-2015).

Gilles VERIEPE defines himself as a writer of dance: he conceives his choreographies as one weaves a text. He creates first the dance and then transmitted the movement to the dancers, who retain, through interpretation, a great freedom to embody this raw substance.

Through the collaborations he has forged with artists from different backgrounds, he finds new means of opening up his creations: a director (L’HISTOIRE DU SOLDAT), a writer (L’ARCHITECTURE DU HASARD), a photographer (PETITE ANATOMIE), a digital videographer (E-SCAPE and KUBE), acrobats (LE CARNAVAL DE SAËNS), lyric singers (EVERGLADE), classical dancers (DON QUICHOTTE,LE CARNAVAL DE SAËNS).

Gilles VERIEPE creates dance pieces for all kind of audiences, also young ones and schools.

The CIE DK59 is supported by the Conseil Régional d’Ile de France within the framework of the Permanence Artistique et Culturelle, the Département du Val de Marne and the Département de Seine-Saint-Denis as a conventioned company.