“As we drift along the current of life, we are shaped by the humans we encounter. The stories of our friends and family, of our ennemies and those of strangers guide us and determine the person we become.”

In this colourful and turbulent concoction of pure joy and intimacy, watch CASUS CIRCUS bring a blank canvas to life and reveal in our innate need for human contact.

This is a circus show that does not let you forget that to feel is to be human and in a moment of danger, a grasping hold is survival. The unique acrobatic shapes signature to CASUS CIRCUS abound in this journey of explosive encounters, hidden looks, and humorous discoveries.
Accompany CASUS CIRCUS as we surge forward… Together

DRIFTWOOD was created in June 2016 at the Judith Wright Center of Brisbane and presented in Edinburg ‘s Fringe festival and  Avignon Festival in July 2017.



“The finale is outrageously impressive, while remaining soaked in muted, ethereal beauty.
This is circus that makes your lungs seize, that makes you want to jump to your feet: circus
that makes you glad you are there in the moment watching it and not anywhere else. Bravo
Casus.” ★★★★★   the_list

“It feels like the whole spectrum of human emotion is compressed into that one hour. (…) One of the most magnificent shows of the Festival, Driftwood is a chance to witness the true physical peak of the human body.”★★★★★   Edinburg-festival_magazine

“A kind of dream-scape full of charm”  the-herald
“A highly accomplished, graceful and delicate circus gem”★★★★  the-stage
“Casus has taken up permanent residence in the hearts of Fringe-goers and rightly so.”★★★★   the-scotsman

“Essential viewing”★★★★   broadway-baby



Created and directed by the CASUS CIRCUS ensemble
With (depending on tour dates): Jesse SCOTT, Lachlan McAULAY, Kali RETALLACK, Natano FA’ANANA, Phoebe CARLSON, Sarah MCDOUGALL, Shannon VITALI, Alex WECKES-HUCK, Isaac LAWRY
Lights design: Rob SCOTT
Stage manager: Nicolas PRIOUZEAU
Production : CASUS CIRCUS
Distribution : DdD – www.dddames.eu