After his international success WE LOVE ARABS, Hillel Kogan returns to Avignon with his new show THISISPAIN, as a tourist coming from contemporary dance to visit the world of Flamenco.
In a provocative and humoristic duet with Mijal Natan –a flamenco dancer- they confront their own world and use the danse not only as an esthetic language, but rather a site of social discourse and of construction of meaning.

THISISPAIN is a conversation that undermines questions of genre, culture and identity, in the spirit of Judith Butler’s queer theory: identity is not an essence but rather a performance.


“Almost everyone speaks in dance now, but no one does it like Hillel Kogan.”


Choreography and text: Hillel KOGAN
Interpreted by: Hillel KOGAN, Mijal NATAN
Playwright: Yael VENEZIA
Artistic direction: Laetitia BOULUD
Ligthing: Nadav BARNEZ
Music advisor: Yael HORWITZ
Technical director: Nicolas PRIOUZEAU
Booking: DdD – www.dddames.eu
Photos © Eli KATZ © Laetitia BOULUD

Supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, the Israeli Lottery Arts Council and Curtain Up Festival.