World renowned clown, juggler, and comic acrobat, Jamie ADKINS, stumbles onstage, desperately trying to become the man he imagines himself to be. In his new show ESPIEGLERIE A FOOL’S ERRAND, ADKINS uses his unique blend of circus arts, acrobatic skill and unguarded physical comedy to explore the what-ifs along the path of life, accompanied by a charismatic tuba player. With deftly awkward juggling performances or falsely flimsy balancing acts on a slack wire, Jamie ADKINS skillfully masters the art of tricks and comedy, and strikes the heart of young and old alike.

ESPIEGLERIE A FOOL’S ERRAND is the result of the first collaboration between Jamie ADKINS and musician Julie HOULE. Thanks to a perfect control of her instrument, HOULE creates an atmosphere where complicity and play are in the foreground.

A delicate balance of chaos and control, loneliness and companionship, ESPIEGLERIE A FOOL’S ERRAND, is more about the art of perseverance than the achievement of success.



Created by Jamie ADKINS
Performers: Jamie ADKINS and Julie HOULE
Direction: Manon BEAUDOIN
Artistic advisers: Krin HAGLUND, Frédéric COMBE
Set designer: Dominique COUGHLIN
Light designer: Rodolphe ST ARNEAULT
Composer: Luzio ALTOBELLI
Costume: Gabrielle Layla CHABOT
Production: Collectiv Jamie ADKINS / Amanda RUSSELL
Support: CALQ (Arts Council Quebec), DdD (France).
Residencies: Place des Arts (Québec), Maison de la Culture Mercier (Montréal), La Cascade (National Circus Center, France)
Management: DdD – www.dddames.eu