Nina GARENETSKA, Ruslana KHAZIPOVA, Tanya HAWRYLYUK, Solomiia MELNYK, Anna NIKITINA, Natalia HALANEVYCH and ZO were first Vlad TROITSKYI’s students at the Kiev Conservatory (in a comic turn of events, the course taught by Vlad was called “non theatrical art”), they then joined the Dakh Theatre to continue the experience of creation and militant performance that defines the work of this essential Ukrainian scene company.

Actresses, musicians and singers, the DAKH DAUGHTERS, a company who knows the meaning of a fight, have already drawn incredibly rich creative paths.

The DAKH DAUGHTERS offer the audience the spectacle of their fertile and resourceful anger.
Starting their international career in France, where they have been playing many times as in Paris – Le Trianon, le Café de la Danse – as on tours, they have been heading to important music festivals all over Europe.