In the (dying) tradition of circus, old acrobats become clowns and continue to work into older age. ‘IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE’ begins with this pretence before careering off into an absurd indulgence of low-brow humour. As the show unfolds, the travesty becomes progressively more expressionistic, the clown personas gradually erode and they become increasingly covered in mud.
The performance starts with the most affected representation of humanity, then erodes until it becomes elemental. Dirt.



‘This is acrobat at its best, where feats of remarkable, almost impossible physicality combine with minimal dialogue to shine a small beam of truth onto the dark side of the status quo…….The show is both bold and abstract with a collection of powerful messages delivered in this patchwork-style.’
“It’s not hard to follow, yet incredibly hard to predict and Acrobat’s It’s Not For Everyone had me hypnotised and mesmerised with their construct on age, gender and identity…..It’s a brave show, brilliantly produced that gives you just enough to make the links and leaves you wanting more…”


“Wonderfully smart! Calling their show It’s Not for Everyone suggests a challenge to the audience but with its theatrical air and invention, it is one easily taken up. No wonder Samuel Beckett loved clowns so much. He would have loved Acrobat.”

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“Prepare for a primal assault on the senses — emotional and physical — with a take-home message that we cannot suppress our animal instincts. Utterly memorable.”


“It was interesting to see how quickly the show had transformed into a deeper, insightful and meaningful comment on society. Acrobat creatively comment on society having control over what we do, the social and cultural constructs ruling our lives and the idea of baring all sometimes to just fall over in a heap – because that’s how life is. A relevant and well thought out performance that left me feeling slightly confused, entertained and emotive all at once.”


“Populism, in art or politics, necessarily involves a dilution of substance. This show is so substantial that it is as thick as mud.”





Creation and performance : acrobat – Jo LANCASTER & Simon YATES
Music by Tim BARRASS
Technical manager : Ryan TAPLIN
Technical manager assistant : Lee HONEY
Supported by The Australian Council for the Arts
Production : acrobat, Performance research farm
International booking and artistic creations accompaniment office : DdD