With Vlad TROITSKYI, the DAKH DAUGHTERS have staged an apocalyptic cabaret where the words of Iosip BRODSKI, Charles BUKOWSKI, William SHAKESPEARE, Taras SHEVCHENKO, Alexandre VENDENSKI and more, collide in a powerful polyphonic show with songs and timeless stories that the company has collected in remote villages of the Carpathian Mountains.
With power and humanity, the DAKH DAUGHTERS express the need for freedom of citizens born in a changing world where a duty of rebellion brings together actions and thoughts to oppose bitterness and resignation.

An amazing journey with the look of a Freak Cabaret full of thrills, beauty and anger, a punk concert in the form of a poem. Musically speaking, the troop allows itself every fantasy, like mixing French rap with traditional Ukrainian melodies and oriental rhythms like the darbouka. These changes in rhythms and atmospheres follow each other at surprising speed. Dissonance is not a taboo. In fact, with the DAKH DAUGHTERS, there are no taboos, nothing is sacred. Everything is allowed. There is something extremely fragile in them and this apparent fragility is a terrible strength. If the troop claims its attachment to European cultures, we nevertheless feel a strong filiation with recent subversive artistic movements from Russia. They seem to hold a common goal of exalting art through politics – or is it the other way around?



« Bad-tempered and graceful girls that are the DAHK DAUGHTERS. Ukrainian, they have rubbed shoulders with the devil and angels alike. The result, a mesmerizing choc, musically impeccable. »

« Singers but actresses also, the DAKH DAUGHTERS deploy an ardent and fierce energy, delivering their effects with obvious happiness. What emanates primarily from this black cabaret is the rage of a free speech without censorship and taboos. A rage that is also a joy. »

“The raw punk cabaret of the Ukrainian Dakh Daughters
Nothing is more dangerous and subversive than an angry clown. The Dakh Daughters have understood that. The dialogue between the pictures, the show and the audience liberates a crazy and amazing energy made of hope, craziness and poetry.”

« For those who find the theatre line-up somewhat timid, the 1,300 shows on offer on Avignon’s fringe cater to other tastes. At the Théâtre du Chêne Noir, I caught DAKH DAUGHTERS, a radical feminist band created by members of Ukraine’s DAKH THEATRE. Ironically dressed in baby doll dresses and wearing exaggerated make-up, they tackle everything from gender to Ukrainian politics in songs that fluently mix folkloric influences, rap and punk, not to mention SHAKESPEARE, BUKOWSKI and Ukrainian writers. It’s a jolt of politically charged energy the main festival could have used. »



Collective creation and interpretation of Nina GARENETSKA, Nataliya HALANEVYCH, Tanya HAWRYLYUK, Ruslana KHAZIPOVA, Solomiia MELNYK, Anna NIKITINA,  ZO
Direction: Vlad TROITSKYI
Light: Mariia VOLKOVA
Sound: Roman FALKOV, Bruno RALLE
Production: Dakh Theatre
Booking: DdD – www.dddames.eu
Collaboration: Blue Line

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