Poets spend their lives writing about it, everyone thinks about it, but when love is between two men some people turn a blind eye. This transparent journey of love, circus and friendship celebrates the importance of being visible in a world of closed doors.

This empowering explosion of skill and identity celebrates the loving relationship between two circus performers, using high-level acrobatics, trapeze, magic and dance. CASUS’ co-founders Jesse SCOTT and Lachlan McAULAY invite you into their world to shine a light on how two men can relate without preconceived ideas of what they should be.

YOU & I was created in 2018 and presented in Edinburg ‘s Fringe festival in August 2018.



“A stunning depiction of life, love, trust and balance.”
★★★★★ Voice Mag UK

“An intimate and beautiful performance.”
★★★★Edinburgh Guide



Created and performed by Jesse SCOTT and Lachlan MCAULAY
Production: CASUS CIRCUS
Distribution: DdD – www.dddames.eu