What Now” is the third chapter in a trilogy of ars poetica duets on dance, aesthetics and ethics.

The trilogy began with “We Love Arabs” – a choreographic satire about racism and stereotypes. It continued with “The Swan and the Pimp” – a dance journey between gender cliches, and iconic swan images.

The previous two duets were based on contrasts of “black and white”, while “What Now“, which seals the trilogy, is free of dichotomies. Sharon Zuckerman Weiser and Hillel Kogan are a harmonious stage couple. They share a skeptical view of art and life, they feel that dance is their family, and as in any family relationship – at certain moments it’s just unbearable. They argue, dig, scrabble in body and words, and they enjoy music and dancing.


Creation by Hillel KOGAN
Performers : Sharon ZUCKERMAN WEISER and Hillel KOGAN
Artistic advisor : Yael VENEZIA
Lighting : Ofer LAUFER
Costumes : Evelyn TERDIMAN
Music : Chet BAKER, Sun Ra, Charles MINGUS, Dorothy ASHBY, ESG, Grace JONES
Photos : Tamar LAMM
Residencies and supporters : Tanzhaus Zurich, Nome Proprio Aveiro – Portugal
Represented by : DdD – www.dddames.eu

about Sharon Zuckerman Weiser
Born in 1977. Choreographer, Performer, and Dance Dramaturg who works regularly with the artists Hillel Kogan and Iris Erez. Graduate of the contemporary dance school P.A.R.T.S., in Brussels. Mentoring creative processes of independent artists, leading workshops of performance and improvisation. Initiator of various platforms dance research and training for the professional community, and director of the biannual choreography program at the Kelim Center in Bat Yam.